oscarwilde666 (oscarwilde666) wrote in mov_slash,

Antonio/Bassanio drabble

 Title: Morning
Prompt: Morning from shakespeare_140
Pairing: Antonio/Bassanio and a bit of Portia/Bassanio
Word Count: 140 EXACTLY
Rating: PG
Warning: Slash, I suppose. And adultery, although not legally.
Summary: She closes her eyes to everything.

x posted to shakespeare_140



The sun is just climbing over the horizon as Bassanio slips quietly into bed next to Portia. She can hear his irregular breathing, but she ignores it and pretends to sleep.


When the sun rises fully, he will be asleep. She will be able to turn over and stare at him, his eyes closed peacefully, and his hair rumpled. She will spot two red marks on his neck, marks hastily covered with his shirt-collar when he wakes.


If she leans closer, she can still smell Antonio from him.


And yet, the merchant adores Portia, and she him. When they meet at breakfast, she will smile, and he will kiss her hand. In the afternoon, they talk in the gardens, carefully avoiding the subject of her husband.


She will return to bed alone that evening, and again pretend to sleep.
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