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Rules of the comm

The rules of the comm are fairly basic, but I should probably mention them anyway.

1,Basic courtesy.No name-calling or derogatory remarks based on race, religion etc. Civilised debate on a topic is fine, but please keep it civil.

2. As I've mentioned, all fanart, fanfiction etc. of any rating relating to the Merchant of Venice is accepted, but please DO mark the rating, and put text and art behind cuts.

3. Spamming will not be tolerated and may result in the spammer being banned from the community. I don't mind if conversations wander off to random topics, as long as they vaguely have something to do with the Merchant of Venice, but do not use this community purely for advertising your myspace pages etc.

4. I don't mind cursing, as long as it isn't used to insult members directly.

5. If critiquing someone else's work, try and be constructive. Comments like 'UR STORY SUX' doesn't help anyone and frequent offences in this direction may result in members being banned.

6. Please do try to use good spelling and grammar. Of course there will be occasional typos and everyone understands that, but when you're typing to try and take the time to say what you're saying properly. Text slang and everpresent capslock gets highly annoying. 

I hope not to have to enforce these rules too much. I'd like to operate this comm under a 'trust' system, where everyone treats everyone else the way they would like to be treated. We'll all be nice to each other, 'kay? It's just so much easier that way.



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